Why Shiatsu?

Relaxation and energy

It is easy to loose yourself in the jungle of the city. Bad eating habits, not enough exercise and latent stress easily lead to an overload of our system. Our bodies are able to balance this out for a while, but we feel the consequences eventually: Diffuse pains, migraines, digestive problems and much more indicate that something is not right.

We store our history in our bodies: Each tension carries an emotion. Operations, injuries, suppressed emotions and long hours in the office; everything is inscribed and memorised in our bodies.

Shiatsu rebalances, releases blocks and strengthens our organs. We become mindful of our body and regain our energy.
You are at the centre of Shiatsu. If you need a change, physically or emotionally, you have come to the right place. You can relax, let go and experience new inner strength.


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu (jap. for finger pressure) is an ancient manual body therapy that originates in meridian bodywork in Japan.

Shiatsu understands each person as a unity of body, emotions and mind. Physical symptoms are expressions of issues in your life, which may have been with you for many years. Releasing tensions from your organs can support you in digesting and releasing stagnation. Every organ is connected to a specific meridian in your body. Working specific pressure points can help balance out these blocks and malfunctions and the energy is able to flow freely again.

The biggest immune system of the body is its intestine. Here, all negative influences from our lifestyle condense.
All imbalances caused by nutrition, exercise, stress and relationships massively influence the function of our intestine and can cause so called “silent centres of inflammation” in our gut. Untreated, these can cause serious illness and troubles in the rest of the body.

I specialise in visceral Shiatsu. This technique works directly on the organ and its connections to the rest of the body. It enables me to effectively dissolve the cause for most of the symptoms listed below.
Dormant topics can surface and be dealt with. With the help of bodywork, the whole system can be rejuvenated and symptoms will gradually heal. Regained energy, health and presence are yours again.


Physical symptons

acute, chronic and post-operative illness
tiredness, stress, burnout, lethargy, sleeping problems, constricted or painful movements, migrains, head- neck- and backaches, digestive problems, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual drive, fertility treatment, support during pregnancy and after labour, general health prevention and rehabilitation